K. Sujata

Chicago Foundation for Women was founded on the belief that women and girls have power, and that we can make a difference, when we dare to use it.

Times like these require us all to dare to do more to protect basic rights for women and girls.

In Fiscal Year 2018, Chicago Foundation for Women made our largest annual investment in women and girls to date, investing in innovative and daring solutions to the most pressing challenges facing women and girls: economic insecurity, violence and lack of access to health care and information.

We are able to do this thanks to a bold community of investors, advocates, organizers, service providers and changemakers.

Every day, people of all gender identities are transforming our communities through acts of bravery big and small. Daring to do more, to give more. Daring to push higher, harder. Daring to build strong communities, for all of us.

It is not daring to say that we all deserve to live in safe, just and healthy communities. The daring comes next. Daring to have courageous conversations about bias. Daring to ask for what you are worth. Daring to be a leader. Daring to invest in women and girls.

Do you dare to join us?


With highest hopes,

K. Sujata